Create your own masterpiece at the Clay Art Center in Port Chester

Exercise your creative muscles at the Clay Art Center in Port Chester on this week’s Road Trip: Close to Home.
“Clay Art Center is an amazing place, there’s an opportunity both to try your hands at making which is a wonderful experience, it allows you to be creative, try something new,” says Emily Peck, executive director at Clay Art Center
You’ll learn the basics of pottery, patience and persistence. “Kind of meditative and therapeutic just to be here and be able to concentrate on what you’re doing,” says student Carrie Rosenfield.
It doesn’t matter your skill level, your age, because if you make a reservation and do a class here, you will learn how to make your own masterpiece right from scratch. “The teachers really try and base the class on what students want to learn, so they’ll talk to them get a sense if there’s something in your mind that they’ve always wanted to make, they’ll help them do that or they’ll come with project ideas for the students to work on, really try and give everybody the opportunity to learn and experience clay and get out of it what they want to get out of it and have some fun,” advises Peck.
Whether it’s weekly classes or just a day on the potter's wheel — you’ll walk away learning something new. “It's a really fun place to be and everyone here is incredibly welcoming and excited to share their passions of clay with anyone who comes to visit,” says Peck.
And wrap up your visit with some art inspiration at the gallery exhibition! “We have an extensive retail shop, we have gifts for everybody from people who are ceramics enthusiasts, collectors and also people who are also looking for gifts, which you will not find anywhere else in Westchester,” says Regina Farrell-Fagan, an exhibitions manager.
Once the artists glaze their work with some finishing touches, then they’ll come back and pick up their masterpiece!