Cuomo targets AG Letitia James in new ad, claiming innocence

Former Gov. Andrew Cuomo has sent a strong message to New Yorkers - that he is innocent.
In a new 30-second ad, Cuomo targets Attorney General Letitia James and the report on sexual assault allegations against Cuomo.
Those allegations led to his resignation back in August.
There is also a compilation of media coverage shown, suggesting his innocence.
Cuomo's team point to several DAs declining to prosecute, including Manhattan, Westchester and Nassau counties.
The New York Attorney General's Office responded to the commercial saying in part, "The only thing Andrew Cuomo is proven himself to be is a serial sexual harasser and a threat to women in the workplace, no TV ad can change that."
Despite rumors, there is no word yet on a possible comeback campaign in the works for the former governor.