Dangerous New Rochelle intersection causes safety concerns among neighbors

The intersection at Mayflower and Webster avenues is a central intersection to get from one side of New Rochelle to another.

News 12 Staff

Jun 2, 2022, 12:14 AM

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A busy intersection in New Rochelle has been the scene of three different accidents recently - and it's causing safety concerns among neighbors.
The intersection at Mayflower and Webster avenues is a central intersection to get from one side of New Rochelle to another.
Due to its proximity to the schools, it also has heavy foot traffic. A crossing guard stands by to assist students.
Residents like Stephan DiDonato say this intersection is wreaking havoc on the public.
"These last three weekends, every Saturday, we've had an incident," he says.
The most recent one required the so called “Jaws of Life” to get one of the drivers out of their car.
"That was quite upsetting to see the occupant of the car struggling to get out and shaking, the other car on top of her lap," he says.
DiDonato says his neighbors are living in fear.
"Mrs. Molisarow, she's afraid to come outside that hedge line because she's worried about getting hit by a car. Everyone is afraid. Mr. Micelli on the other corner, he's waking up by cars speeding by here in the evening," he says.
The mayor of New Rochelle has personally gotten in touch with DiDonato and assured him the city is looking into the matter.
News 12 reached out to the city for comment and it said, "we are working to evaluate options for improved safety."

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