DA's office mum on whether Tanisha Joyner is aiding in investigation of Peggy Nadell's death

One of the four suspects in the Peggy Nadell murder case pleaded guilty to a lesser charge and now many wonder what that will mean going forward.
Tanisha Joyner, one of four women charged in Peggy Nadell's death in her Valley Cottage home, pleaded guilty to hindering prosecution. She was initially charged with conspiracy and accused of providing an alibi for Diana Nadell, the alleged mastermind of the killing. Diana Nadell is the victim's daughter-in-law.
A local criminal attorney says although the case is in the early stages, an early confession in exchange for a lighter sentence isn't uncommon. She says it seems that she is expecting to reap some benefit from pleading this early.
However, the DA's office has not commented on whether Joyner is aiding in the investigation.
Legal experts say they wouldn't be surprised if more plea deals are on the way.