De Blasio: Governor says orange zones could be implemented in NYC 1st week of December

Mayor Bill de Blasio said Friday that Gov. Andrew Cuomo told him orange zones would be designated in New York City as early as the first week of December.
In a radio show, de Blasio said the designations that will be implemented by their predictions based on data of state and the city. He added that the restrictions will result in closing of indoor dining, gyms and other non-essential businesses.
De Blasio said there were 115 coronavirus hospital admissions and 1,233 new cases with the seven-day rolling average at 3.02%.
As far as a reopening plan for public schools, de Blasio said an update will be available before Thanksgiving.
He emphasized that reopening schools are a priority because families and their kids need it, and believes reopening can be done safely. He said he wants people to have their freedoms, but their protection is also a priority.
When it came to the criticism over the lack of devices for remote learning, de Blasio said it has not been "a fair discussion" and explained that the city would provide devices and free internet service since the moment the city closed schools in March. He cited lack of supply as the problem because the entire nation is relying on remote learning, and the demand is too high that the city just has to wait for the companies to provide them with the devices.
He reiterated that families need to simply call 311 and inform the city that they need a device. He said if the devices are available, the families who requested them will receive them immediately.
He also asked families who do not have internet access to also call 311 and that a technician will be sent or the internet service provider will be switched immediately.
He also encouraged those who are struggling to pay rent to call 311 should they face threats of eviction from landlords. De Blasio said those impacted cannot be evicted.
When pressed about an article that said Cuomo offered him a pathway out to not close down schools and to go by state standards instead of city and that he declined, de Blasio said he would not get into detail as far as the conversations he has with Cuomo. De Blasio said that the city has had its own approach with the help of its department of health, and that his administration needs to stick with standards that work best for the city.