Deep Dive: NY has fourth highest unemployment rate in the nation

Speed hiring, the great resignation - there are a lot of different job trends happening right now.
In this week's Deep Dive segment, News 12's Kristie Reeter is taking a look at the big counties in New York to see what is happening in the workforce.
New York state has the fourth highest unemployment rate in the nation at 6.2%.
"Most of that is because of what's happening around New York City, where the unemployment rate is 7.9% - it is still persistently high, one of the highest of all metropolis in the country," says Caleb Silver, of Investopedia.
When looking at other counties, Westchester County's unemployment is at 2.8%, Suffolk County 2.7% and Nassau County 2.6% - all well below the national average.
New York state is seeing "speed hiring" in the leisure and hospitality industries.
"The bars and restaurants where we saw the steepest job losses, that's where the hiring has been the fastest... We have seen job gains there up 27% year over year. So a lot of hiring there, but also in transportation, warehousing, IT and utilities those sectors are up 8%," says Silver.