Developers mull scaling back Montefiore Medical Center's proposed clinic in Riverdale

Developers are discussing scaling back the controversial size of a proposed medical clinic in Riverdale.
The original construction plan that sparked outrage in the community was a proposal by Montefiore Medical Center to build an 11-story, 93,000-square-foot mega clinic. Slated for construction on Riverdale and Oxford avenues, the project was quickly dubbed by residents the "Montefiore Monstrocity."
Residents have fought the project over the past few months, arguing that it would cause a parking nightmare and traffic problems. Now Montefiore says it's looking into significantly scaling back those plans to a three-story outpatient health facility with on-site parking.
The medical center says it's also considering changing the planned location of the building's entrance to Riverdale Avenue to ease future traffic congestion. The health facility would be operated by Montefiore and Westmed, and open seven days a week.
One of the benefits being touted by the developer is that many different area physicians would be in a central location. Nearby residents say despite these potential changes, they still don't want the facility in their area.
There is no predicted date of completion as of now. Bronx Community Board 8 is asking for Montefiore to submit its plans so it can begin the review process.