Diva Moms holds nature getaway for mothers to 'recharge'

A group of Long Island mothers designed a weekend getaway to help other mothers take a break from their hard work. 
The Diva Moms Spring Escape is held at Tyler Hill Camp, which is surrounded by beautiful scenery. 
Diva Moms founder Lyss Stern says it’s necessary for mothers to have some time away to "recharge."
“I think moms are just completely exhausted, completely burnt out,” she says. “Whether you're a working mom or stay-at-home mom, you are just thrown with so many things right now.”
The getaway is 48 hours of optional activities, such as mediating, yoga and hiking. There are also sports including golf, kayaking and boating. 
Meals will be prepared for all participating mothers. 
“I think the best part about it is you can do everything but also nothing, if you choose. That is the best part about this weekend,” Stern says.