Doctor gives tips on managing mental health amid holiday and COVID-19 stress

The impact of the pandemic is being felt worldwide and for some, the combination of the holidays and COVID-19 fears is just too much to handle.
Dr. Jen Buchwald is a clinical psychologist in Nyack. She's seen the number of people seeking mental health treatment increase, in connection with the holiday season and the growing number of COVID-19 cases and deaths.
"For many, it's a time of isolation. For many, the holiday season is upended and they're unable to celebrate the holiday season in the same way," she says.
Dr. Buchwald suggests reaching out to friends and family for emotional support or volunteering your time to worthy causes as a means of staying busy and upbeat during these uncertain times.
For those still dealing with feelings of hopelessness and depression, the experts advise that you seek professional help. They say there is no shame in it and that the quality of your life could depend on it.