Doctor shares top 5 immune-boosting tips to optimize health

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to rattle all aspects of life in New York, anxiety and stress are only intensifying.
One of the nation's most respected functional medical doctors says prioritizing self-care at this time is more crucial than ever.
Best-selling author and founder of the Blum Center for Health, Dr. Susan Blum is sharing her top five immune-boosting tips to optimize health.
Her first tip is to get outside - at least once a day - to walk or jog. This releases endorphins, which help fight off infection. She also warns getting outside to avoid too much screen time.
Nutrition, she says, is key, so her next tip is to double up on daily consumption of fruits and vegetables.
"Fruits, vegetables, color. So nutrition should be as much plants as you can eat," she says.
While currently there is no miracle cure or vitamin that can prevent the coronavirus, her next tip is to take two supplements that can help the body function at its best.
"The most important vitamins that you can take right now are zinc and vitamin C.  Boost your immune system in a good way," she says.
Blum says it's also important to make sure people get enough sleep because that's when the immune system goes into recovery mode. Research shows even one bad night, can reduce immune cells by 70%.
Dr. Blum says the best way to protect your family during this unprecedented public health emergency is to stay put as much as possible.
"You are bringing home to your family everyone you are seeing," she says. 
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