Dutchess County pet store accused of selling sick dogs, leaving new owners with thousands in vet bills

An upscale pet store in Dutchess County is under investigation for allegedly selling sick dogs and sticking unsuspecting new owners with thousands in vet bills.
The Dutchess County SPCA confirms multiple complaints about pets with illnesses such parvo, kennel cough and parasites-- that were purchased from Pet Zone in the Poughkeepsie Galleria.
The store sells purebred puppies and dogs.
Several customers reached out to News 12 saying store management is not complying with the state's pet lemon law and is refusing to take back sick dogs or provide full reimbursement for vet expenses.
SPCA officials say at least one dog was determined to have parvo, which can be deadly for dogs.
They say the Office of Agriculture and Markets is currently investigating.
News 12 reached out to Pet Zone but has not heard back.