Economist Marty Cantor gives 4 financial tips during the COVID-19 crisis

Economic development consultant Marty Cantor spoke to News 12's Elizabeth Hashagen about your financial questions during the COVID-19 national health crisis.
Here are four of his financial tips:
If you are trying to get through to your unemployment office, Cantor says to keep trying. The good news is, he says, that when you do get through, the unemployment insurance will be retroactive to the day you lost your job.
He says that while an employer can deny unemployment insurance, during the COVID-19 outbreak there are protections for the employees, and they can fight for the insurance.
If you are still working, Cantor says you should be saving 5% to 10% of your paycheck each month. In the bank you should have six months of living expenses.
And who do you pay first? Cantor says to look for what is most vital to keeping you alive and fed is what you should pay first.