Education Ambassador: Byram Hills mom Bonnie Waxman

Bonnie Waxman has two daughters in the Byram Hills Central School District.

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Sep 29, 2020, 6:24 PM

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Education Ambassador: Byram Hills mom Bonnie Waxman
Bonnie Waxman lives in Armonk, New York with her two daughters, Caroline (4th grade) and Emma (3rd grade), her husband Sam, and her dog Weslie.
Bonnie is a former VP of National Broadcast in media buying working on advertising campaigns for clients such as British Airways, Payless Shoes and Sanofi Aventis. She left the industry in 2011 to be a stay-at-home mom, and left New York City in 2018 to move to Westchester and the Byram Hills school district.
Bonnie was involved at the Coman Hill Elementary School as a library volunteer for the past two years until parents were no longer allowed in the school due to the pandemic. At the very start of the pandemic in March, Bonnie created a Facebook group called "Elementary School Parents - at home social distancing activity ideas," to both support parents and help them find creative ways to keep their kids entertained and educated while at home.  It began with local moms and spread across the country, as well as a few internationally to a total of 12,686 parents as of August 2020.
Sept. 29 - Bonnie’s daughter gets her COVID-19 test results back.
Sept. 22 - Bonnie talks about how her daughters are home from school because one of them is suffering from congestion and headache.
Sept. 10 - Bonnie talks about being a class parent this year, the challenges she's facing due to social distancing and some ideas she has to still make school fun for her daughter's class. 

Sept. 8 - Bonnie gives us an update after her school implemented a new dismissal QR code system.

Sept. 2 - Bonnie talks about dropping her children off to school for the first time in months.

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