Embrace the pumpkin season with a glowing adventure at Clover Stadium in Pomona

For the first time ever, Pumpkin World comes to life at Clover Stadium in Pomona, offering a unique pumpkin-themed experience in Rockland County.
Debbi Katz, from Pumpkin World, enthusiastically shares, "Pumpkin World is the inaugural season here in Rockland, and it's about getting into the whole pumpkin season vibe. We have so many amazing things, there's something for everyone."
Pumpkin World is a spectacular transformation, where the stadium's field and concourse become a captivating half-mile trail illuminated by 5,000 hand-carved jack-o-lanterns, guiding visitors through a myriad of scenes featuring familiar characters. This enchanting display owes its magic to the dedication of approximately 20 Hudson Valley artists and the skilled production team behind the intricate designs.
Debbi Katz further explains, "Some of these faces can take eight hours just to carve one pumpkin…then we have these like dinosaurs which are huge which might take a week to be able to carve. It's a project of art and love and ingenuity and passion."
But that's not all! Pumpkin World also boasts a vibrant pumpkin village, where an interactive scavenger hunt kicks off, allowing visitors to be an active part of the fun. Watch skilled artists like Bill and Emily carve in real-time, and even become their judge in a friendly carve-off competition.
And for those looking to take a piece of the experience home, the pumpkin patch offers a perfect memento from this delightful local adventure.