Equal Employment Opportunity Commission: Employers can require workers to receive coronavirus vaccine

Some employers may be able to require their workers to receive the coronavirus vaccine.
The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission guidelines say that a coronavirus requirement is legal even as many don't want to be vaccinated.
"I want my own choice," says Yonkers resident Hector Vazquez. "My choice is not to take it. They rushed it, there's not enough clinical trials out there."
Some legal experts say there are exceptions to the federal guidelines.
Attorney Howard Schragin says if an employee has a disability they could be exempt from mandatory vaccination under federal or local disability laws.
People may also be exempted due to religious beliefs.
The Americans with Disabilities Act says an employer can't fire someone for not getting the vaccine.
They would first have to determine if the unvaccinated worker poses a health risk to others and they must try to make reasonable accommodations.