Even with no fans, volunteers stay busy at U.S. Open at Winged Foot

Despite having no spectators this year, the 120th U.S. Open at Winged Foot Golf Club in Mamaroneck would be possible without the help of hundreds of volunteers.
If you've ever been to a major golf championship before, you'd would normally see thousands of spectators walking the course with marshals keeping them behind the ropes.
With no fans this week, that's not the case. But there are still volunteers who'll be hard at work making sure the tournament runs smoothly.
There are 144 players in this week’s field at Winged Foot, and every one of their shots will be recorded by a walking scorer. “Every time they hit a shot, we ask what club they used off the tee. Then we enter in when they hit the ball, so it goes to the laser operator so they know to look for the ball,” says volunteer Marli Hayes.
Doug Brown is one of the laser operators. “This is actually a laser camera, and we are putting the location on the screen here and the laser will move on its own and locate the ball.” Brown, like most of the volunteers, is a member at Winged Foot. He's also a two-time Stanley Cup champion with the Detroit Red Wings. When asked what's harder to play hockey or golf, Brown didn’t hesitate. “Certainly golf for me. I bet for the golfers out here hockey might be harder.”   Some 4,500 volunteers were originally scheduled to work this week, but that was reduced to 450.