Ex-officer wants Eastchester Police Department investigated for alleged ticket quotas

An ex-police officer wants the Eastchester Police Department investigated for allegedly imposing ticket quotas on officers.

Nadia Galindo

Jul 22, 2022, 9:51 PM

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A former police officer wants the Eastchester Police Department investigated for allegedly imposing ticket quotas on officers.
Anthony Barberan has a pile of documents he says is proof of a systemic pattern of imposed ticket quotas on police officers at the Eastchester Police Department.
"It didn’t matter if you saved a life, it didn't matter if you went to a bunch of calls and did your duty, what mattered is if you didn't have enough tickets," said Barberan.
The former police officer spoke to News 12 to call on the Westchester District Attorney’s Office to investigate the alleged practice of ticket quotas at the Eastchester Police Department.
"I would love to be proved wrong in a sense," he said.
Barberan has filed a federal lawsuit against the town of Eastchester, its former police chief and a lieutenant for discrimination he said resulted in being passed over for promotion and reassigned for allegedly not meeting ticket quotas and for being from Yonkers.
News 12 has tracked this story since April 2021 when Barberan was on paid administrative leave for allegedly violating department policies while making an arrest. He claims the investigation was an act of retaliation.
Dozens of supporters rallied that same month in support of the nine-year department veteran who was ultimately terminated last November.
News 12 contacted the department's current police chief, Joseph Rodriguez, who declined to comment because of pending litigation but pointed News 12 to a section of Barberan's final determination to terminate.
It said in part: "A police officer who lies in his reports and who lies to his superiors evinces behavior that is beyond rehabilitation. Furthermore, his lies were manufactured to cover up his incompetence, unprofessionalism, and most importantly his unconstitutional actions."
Barberan said in response, "Who is the real liar? Who's deceitful? Because emails don’t lie. I didn’t make this up. These are coming from the inside that they don’t want you to know about it."
Rodriguez said in his response to News 12 that traffic enforcement is a public safety priority for all communities, adding his department's policy has been and remains in compliance with legal requirements.

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