Exclusive: Spring Valley assistant building inspector speaks with News 12 ahead of trial in connection to fatal Evergreen fire

A Rockland County village employee at the center of an explosive lawsuit involving last year's deadly fire at the Evergreen Court Home of Adults spoke exclusively to News 12 - just days before he's set to go to trial. 
Spring Valley assistant building inspector Raymond Canario is facing prison time after being charged in an eight-count felony indictment that accuses him of filing false reports with the state.
Canario told News 12's Senior Investigative Reporter Tara Rosenblum that he is innocent of all charges and has suffered greatly since his arrest.
"They said therapy works, but you know, there is no such thing as therapy working when you live in anger and deal with frustration every day, when you all you do is your job and try to make people's lives safer and you get push back all sides," says Canario. 
Canario’s trial will begin in Rockland County next Tuesday morning.
Catch more of Rosenblum's interview with Canario Wednesday night.