Experts say etiquette is key to a good time at Winged Foot

(06/15/06) MAMARONECK - Many Westchester residents are learning that on the golf course, players aren't the only ones who have to follow rules.
Fan etiquette is an important part of any golf event, especially the U.S. Open at Winged Foot. Golf experts say rule number one is to make sure the players are not disturbed. This is especially important when the player is teeing off. They say fans should remain quiet and let the golfers concentrate.
Those who frequently attend golf events say fans should study the course in order to see their favorite players. By doing this, residents can pick a good hole to watch the golfers in action. They also say the driving range is an excellent spot to sneak a peak at the players. In terms of safety, medical personnel at Winged Foot say all allergy sufferers should be sure to take their medication before attending the championship.
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