Experts say it's unclear how President Trump will handle coronavirus due to many unknowns

There are concerns about President Donald Trump's health as he is hospitalized for the coronavirus.
Those at a higher risk can include men over the age of 50 with underlying health issues.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says about 80% of coronavirus deaths in the country are people 65 or older.
While there are still many unknowns about the coronavirus, infectious disease doctors tell us prolonged illness is not uncommon.
There is still a lot experts do not know about the virus, so it is not clear how to predict how a patient will do.
Anthony Massimo, who has Type 2 diabetes, spent his 70th birthday on a ventilator because of the coronavirus. He fell into a coma for about a month. After a four-month battle with the virus, Massimo recovered and returned home in August. Some of his symptoms are still lingering. Massimo lost mobility in his hands and says he has to hold his left arm with his right arm.
Dr. Sandra Kesh says the severity of coronavirus symptoms depend on a person's risk factors.
"Most people will have mild or moderate infections, but if you fall into one of those higher risk categories, it's age, male gender and anyone that has a chronic health condition, they do have to be vigilant," said Kesh.
Massimo is in the high risk category because of his age, just like 74-year-old Trump.