Federal funding for Penn Station Access Project excites Westchester commuters

Commuters in Westchester are eagerly anticipating a significant financial boost from the federal government for the multibillion-dollar Penn Station Access Project.
This project, already in progress, is expected to revolutionize transportation in the region.
Currently, the route to Penn Station from Westchester involves a transfer from Metro-North at Grand Central, followed by a subway ride.
The Penn Station Access Project will establish a direct connection from stations like New Rochelle to Penn Station through an extension of the New Haven Line.
With over $3 billion earmarked for the project, $1.6 billion in federal funding will contribute to the construction of four new Metro-North stations in the Bronx, enhancements to existing tracks and bridges, and, most notably, direct access to Penn Station.
Commuters have expressed enthusiasm, anticipating significant time savings, with some expecting reductions of 50 to 75 minutes in their travel times. The project is projected to be completed by 2027.