Feds give passing grade to Indian Point in emergency drill

Federal officials issued a report card Friday on an emergency exercise conducted at Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant that took place earlier in the week.
Officials from the Department of Homeland Security and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission went over preliminary findings from the drill. Federal regulations require all nuclear plants to conduct a type of drill, called a tabletop exercise, every two years. Officials from the Department of Homeland Security say they were pleased with what they saw. They also say the exercise fulfilled its function and uncovered only minor problems.
This year's scenario for Indian Point portrayed the release of a radioactive plume that spread over four counties surrounding the plants in Buchanan. Indian Point opponents contend the scenarios for the drills are too predictable and do not truly test emergency responses. Jim Steets, spokesman for Entergy, the owner and operator of the plant, says the scenarios reflect what is thought to be the most likely dangers. However, Steets admits a fast evacuation of the entire area would not be possible.