Feeding Westchester supports families in need for Thanksgiving

Feeding Westchester is bustling at their Elmsford warehouse as Thanksgiving approaches.

Lisa LaRocca

Nov 16, 2023, 11:06 AM

Updated 248 days ago


Feeding Westchester is bustling at their Elmsford warehouse as Thanksgiving approaches, ensuring families in need have a special meal for the holiday. Trucks are being loaded and dispatched to organizations throughout the county in preparation for the upcoming celebration.
The organization collaborates with various entities, including food pantries, meal sites, schools and more to distribute food where it's needed most.
Despite Westchester County being among the most affluent communities in the country, Feeding Westchester says 1 in 3 households in the county face food insecurity. This issue extends beyond those below the poverty line, encompassing working families and self-supporting college students struggling to make ends meet.
The holiday season marks Feeding Westchester's busiest period, with substantial quantities of food being distributed. Ryan Brisk, vice president of operations, notes the staggering volume of shipments sent out weekly, which significantly increases during this period.
Feeding Westchester's efforts involve the distribution of 1,500 turkeys and 1,000 whole chickens on a single day, reaching a total of 7,000 turkeys distributed by Thanksgiving. The demand is evident, with people lining up well in advance to access these essential holiday meals.
This initiative goes beyond Thanksgiving, with Feeding Westchester providing items for everyday meals to support families consistently. "This holiday is so important it's about gathering family, friends, just being thankful and we don't want anyone to think about where their next meal is coming from," says Tami Wilson, COO of Feeding Westchester.
For those seeking support or wishing to contribute, Feeding Westchester is available year-round. More information can be found here.
Ryan Brisk, Vice President of Operations and Procurement, says Feeding Westchester shipped over 500,000 pounds of food this week and expects even more than this next week.
Bruce Jackson, Director, Marketing & Communications, says 1 out of 3 households in Westchester are at risk of hunger.
Nancy Lyons, Director of Volunteer Services, says that volunteers are the heart and soul of the operation.
Cora Rose, Agency Logistics Coordinator, explains the teamwork that has to take place to feed so many people.
Tami Wilson, Chief Operating Officer, says it not easy to send out over 7,000 turkeys.
Karen Errin, President and CEO says today is the single busiest day of the year for Feeding Westchester.
Jenine Kelly, Vice President, Development, Marketing and Communications, talks about getting the word out that there is hunger in Westchester County.

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