Financial forms reveal possible conflict of interest for Pirro

GOP attorney general candidate Jeanine Pirro?s financial disclosure forms reveal a possible conflict of interest.
Pirro is under a federal investigation for possibly trying to bug her husband?s boat because she suspected Al Pirro was having an affair. That affair may have involved criminal defense attorney Michael Santangelo's wife, a friend of Pirro?s. Also, prosecutors are also reportedly looking at Santangelo's plea deals with Pirro when she was Westchester district attorney.
Elected officials are required to file financial disclosure forms, detailing potential conflicts of interest. In reviewing those forms filed by the former district attorney, federal prosecutors are reportedly looking into a potential problem. When Al Pirro was in prison for federal tax fraud in 2000 and 2001, Jeanine Pirro earned money from rent paid by Santangelo, who as one of her husband?s defense attorneys. Al Pirro owned the building in White Plains where Santangelo had his law office. Jeanine Pirro listed that property as rental income on her required financial disclosure forms.
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