Hurricane Ian impacts travel to and from the Hudson Valley

Hurricane Ian is impacting travel to and from the Hudson Valley.
Florida airports in Tampa, Orlando, Fort Myers and Naples have closed. Flights from those cities to Westchester County Airport are now canceled.
Many flights out of the Westchester County Airport to Florida were also canceled, including flights to Orlando, Fort Myers and Fort Lauderdale.
Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport remains open, as is West Palm Beach Airport.
Tired travelers poured into the Westchester County Airport Wednesday.
They came in on some of the last flights out of the Sunshine State, which is now experiencing one of the worst hurricanes on record.
Jane Grauer was visiting family in the Fort Lauderdale area. 
The White Plains woman left as her son and grandkids hunkered down in anticipation of the monster storm.
"We are hoping that everyone on the west coast will be safe," she said. 
Passengers say Florida airports were not crowded but described an anxious atmosphere as travelers prayed their flights were not canceled.
"They canceled our first flight, and we got a second flight thankfully," said Ashley Ritacca, of Connecticut.
While flights going to Florida from Westchester were all canceled, a few flights from West Palm Beach arrived Wednesday afternoon.
Those who left loved ones behind are trying to stay optimistic"
Hopefully, they are fine and safe and next weekend it's a nice sunny day in Florida," said Jai Prasad, of Miami.