Former NYPD officers from New City, Mt. Kisco spark 9/11 lawsuit

Two former NYPD officers from Westchester and Hudson Valley are fighting for billions in health care for all workers who responded to the terror attacks of September 11th.
John Walcott, of New City, and his partner, Richard Volpe, of Mount Kisco, worked as New York City police officers during the terror attacks. Walcott was diagnosed with leukemia in May 2003 and was not expect to live more than a week. Volpe is sick with kidney failure, which his doctor attributed to 9/11. The two men, both in their 30s, contacted David Worby of White Plains. Worby has filed a class-action lawsuit on behalf of more than 8,000 people who worked at Ground Zero.
Worby contends that most workers were not issued masks and other protective gear. The government claims it did hand out masks, but many workers chose not to wear them. The lawsuit is seeking money to help workers pay for pay for health monitoring and medical bills.