Former workers protest at Liberato Restaurant over unjust labor conditions, unfair pay

Dozens of disgruntled former workers gathered outside the restaurant where they were once employed in protest of unjust labor conditions and unfair pay.
Former employees of the Liberato Restaurant in West Bronx allege that for many years they were paid less than minimum wage and subject to poor working conditions.
One worker says 45 hours of work came out to a $200 paycheck.
The workers teamed up with the Laundry Workers Center to file a class-action lawsuit against the restaurant.
One former employee also claims that she was sexually harassed by a manager at the restaurant, Nelson Gomez. She says he made lewd comments about women and women's bodies on many occasions.
The lawsuit seeks to recover unpaid minimum wages and unpaid overtime. It also says the employer unlawfully withheld tips and claims pregnancy discrimination and sexual harassment against individual defendants.
Protesters say they plan on picketing at least twice a week until a change is made. They say the lawsuit isn't enough, and they are prepared to demonstrate for years if that's what it takes.
The owner was not at the restaurant during the demonstration and did not respond to calls for comment.