Four candidates hope to snag Woodbury's first mayoral job

Residents in the newly created village of Woodbury will be heading to the polls Thursday to pick their mayor for the very first time.Four candidates are vying for the new position, including Anthony Cirigliano. The 24-year local business owner says he wants to work with the people to create the new village. However, one of the original creators of the village's concept, Ralph Caruso, is also running. Caruso is relying on his more than 30 years in various government positions to help him get the job. Meanwhile, candidate David Sutz believes his independent thinking is what the new village needs. Sutz says he has a vision of keeping the village quaint while introducing new businesses along Route 32 to keep taxes in line. Mayoral hopeful Stephanie Berean-Weeks says she wants to make sure those in the new village are not taxed out of their homes. She also wants to bring fresh ideas to government. The 10-year business owner, wife and mother says she is ready to work for the new village.