Frustration mounts over vaccine availability in Westchester

A steady stream of people got vaccinated Friday at Westchester County Center in White Plains, but for some residents it's been a struggle to get an appointment or even find a place that has a vaccine.
Chappaqua teacher Heather Manusco is having a hard time to get an appointment for her 74-year-old father.
"We scroll through the County Center website and nothing is available yet," says Manusco. "As far as I think April. I think it's up to April 16, but nothing is free until then."
More than seven million New Yorkers are eligible for the vaccine. Gov. Andrew Cuomo says the problem is distributors don't have enough doses.
"Our website was just an assemblage," says Cuomo. "It referred you to those websites and those websites said, 'we're booked.'"
Cuomo is optimistic the new Biden administration will solve New York's problems. President-elect Joe Biden said Friday he will use the Defense Production Act to speed things up.
"Our administration will release the vast majority of the vaccines when they're available so more people can get vaccinated quickly," said Biden.
Gov. Cuomo says the feds only sent 250,000 doses this week. That's 50,000 less than normal.