Gamers hoping for a sooner than expected PlayStation 5 launch

Some gamers are speculating over the PlayStation 5 launching sooner than expected.
According to Engadget, an online job listing mentions a new hire helping with the launch of the next-gen console for October 2020.
However, Sony told Japanese gaming publication Famitsu that the date was an "error" introduced by the recruiting site. It's not clear where the recruiter would have obtained the October claim from, though.
Sony still has not committed to a more definitive launch window for the PlayStation 5 than "holiday 2020." They typically have chosen to debut its flagship consoles in November during the holiday shopping season.
Some online speculation centered if Sony was thinking about moving up the launch to take advantage of the increase use of game consoles due to people staying at home during the coronavirus pandemic.
While they are keeping the launch date under wraps, Sony has released some of the hardware specifications for the PS5.
According to the Verge, the next-gen console will feature a custom eight-core AMD Zen 2 CPU at 3.5GHz. The system will also have 16GB of GDDR6 RAM.
Sony has promised the PS5 will offer super-fast loading times in gameplay. A Eurogamer demo showed Spider-Man loading levels in less than a second on the PS5, compared to the roughly eight seconds it took on a PS4.
Sony is also promising the hardware will be able to support 8K gaming.