Garnerville woman: Pit bull mauled Pomeranian to death

A Garnerville woman says her neighbor's pit bull, Frankie, charged into her yard and mauled Joe-Joe, her Pomeranian, to death Sunday.
"I shut my eyes, and all I see is my dog in this dog's mouth," says Carolyn Caramanica. "He was mutilated by a dog who thought he was a ragdoll."
Caramanica says her two dogs were asleep at her side in the backyard when Frankie, her neighbor's unleashed pit bull, charged in and grabbed Joe-Joe by the neck.
Frankie's owner was out of town, and a caretaker was watching the dog, according to a Haverstraw police report.
Frankie has been placed in quarantine for 10 days. No one at the address listed in the police report responded to a News 12 request for comment.
"I would like to see that dog put down," Caramanica says. "It's hard for me to say as an animal lover, but my dog did nothing wrong."
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