Georgia's election to have impact on New York

Georgia's election will also have an impact on New Yorkers.
If both Democratic candidates win - and one already has - then the Senate would be tied 50-50, and incoming Vice President Kamala Harris would be the tiebreaker - leaning the Senate toward the Democrats.
So, what would a blue Senate mean for the Hudson Valley?
A blue Senate would mean incoming President Joe Biden would have an easier time passing laws - but how much would actually change?
"One of the important things to remember about Biden is that he has made his name being a nice guy who's really moderate. And so there is not going to be any massive legislation changes," predicts Pace University assistant political science professor Kiku Huckle.
A Democratic Senate could boost Sen. Chuck Schumer to majority leader.
"The majority leader, if he's from your state, is always a big deal…it means perhaps a little more aid for New York and other states on the fight on the virus," says Westchester Board of Elections Democratic Commissioner Reginald Lafayette.
Lafayette believes a Democratic Senate would push forward $2,000 stimulus checks.
Another change locally could be funding for higher education.
"There was a time when he was also discussing not only free community college but free trade school. That would have a big impact in New York, where we have such a large presence of schools and colleges," says Huckle.
Many believe there would also be a cultural shift when it comes to immigration.
"You're not going to see tanks running through the streets of the Bronx and Queens anymore, but Biden is not known for being incredibly progressive, so even going back to the more moderate Obama administration immigration patterns isn't going to be enough for what a lot of immigrant advocates want," says Huckle.
He also believes the Affordable Care Act would stay in place, in terms of health care.
So, it's all coming down to the race between Republican David Purdue and Democrat Jon Ossoff.
If Purdue pulls through, the GOP will still have the majority in the Senate.