Get back to the basics of nature at Stony Kill Farm in Wappingers Falls

Stony Kill Farm in Wappingers Falls is a unique spot to learn something new — all with a side of fun! 
This working farm is owned by the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, and it’s run by the Stony Kill Foundation. “Stony Kill Farm Environmental Education Center is a destination that provides outdoor recreation opportunities [and] environmental education,” says executive director Erik Fyfe.
A robust history has landed this farm on the National Register of Historic Places. The historical haven is a place where dozens of animals call home.
Photo: Nikita Ramos
At first glance you may see what looks like a bull. But it’s actually a Heritage Breed female, which means it was one of the first cows in the country. “A lot of times historic breeds are considered endangered so part of our mission through that work is conserving those heritage breed animals and educating folks about some of these animals,” says Fyfe.
But it’s not JUST about the animals here. The farms gardens native plants that could even inspire YOUR home garden and also attract beautiful butterflies. Speaking of gardens, the community garden is a place where you can learn about how the environment impacts the food you eat!  “Connecting with being hands-on.  Anytime I’m in the garden or just with animals, I definitely feel more connected to the earth and it’s definitely my purpose to be an environmentalist, so it drives me for who I am,” says Cali Ticehurc, environmental education intern.
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