Get face-to-face with sea life at The Marine Education Center in Mamaroneck

Get face-to-face with eel, fish, shrimp and so much more on this Road Trip: Close to home at The Marine Education Center in Mamaroneck!
The water that makes up the Sound is a mix of fresh and saltwater, which means lots of different creatures call it home. ""The Marine Education Center is an educational center all based on the Long Island Sound ecosystem…as you walk around the center, you'll see just a few of the species that live here," says Kyle Troy, Marine Education Center Director.
And out in the water, the discoveries are endless. They'll even give you your own set of waders so you can get your feet wet and learn how to seine for some species here and learn more about the unique marine life on the Long Island Sound.  "You're dragging the net through the water and you're getting local fish, a lot of it is to just show…look what we have - we have some grass shrimp, we get a lot of different species of shrimp here on the Long Island Sound...and this is one of them!” shows Troy.
It's a great way to learn about life that's right at our feet.  And don't forget about muscling along the shore, the natural habitat of shellfish on the Sound. "This is a red mussel, the ones we eat are usually blue mussel, when it’s not so dirty, you can see the ribs on them," says Troy.
Then, head inside and warm up in the education center where the mini aquarium brings you closer to unique marine life. "I want people to walk away knowing how important this and why they would want to help it and take care of it," explains Troy.