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Giant inflatable duck draws in families looking to beat the heat at Rye Playland

The park's general manager says pool and beachgoers were eager to see the huge duck.

News 12 Staff

Jul 28, 2023, 9:35 PM

Updated 351 days ago


Playland Beach expects to see a surge of pool and beachgoers this weekend as temperatures are expected to soar again on Saturday.
Families who wanted to stay cool on Friday were also drawn to Playland Beach because of an unusual spectacle -- the world's largest inflatable rubber duck.
"People have been talking about this thing all week. In fact, when we were setting up this morning, the folks at Walk the Beach and boardwalk kept asking me, 'Hey, when's the duck coming? When's the duck coming?'" said Jeff Davis, general manager at Playland.
The inflatable duck will be at Rye at Playland until Sunday.

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