Giant mask in Ossining serves as COVID-19 precaution reminder

Officials say a giant mask on the corner of Route 9 and Main Street is meant to remind people to protect themselves and others.
Mayor Victoria Gearity says it’s an important message that people shouldn’t overlook, especially with the area being a state-designated yellow zone. 
"It's important that we have very strong messaging,” says Gearity. “And what's a stronger message than this very high-profile work of art that very clearly says, 'mask-up, Ossining?”
The village tells News 12 the message is especially important with the business district nearby. "Right now, during our holiday season, we want people to come downtown, enjoy our local businesses, but enjoy them safely,” says Gearity.
Business owners like Mary Howard hope customers will support local businesses this holiday season as most have taken a hard hit.
"I mean, this is the time you make it or break it for the year, so you know, it's crucial that people are shopping local,” says Howard, owner of Penny & Ting Toys & Gifts.
Business Council of Westchester President Marsha Gordon says this season is a major survival one. “Depending on what's coming from the federal government--what stimulus is coming--that remains to be seen, also,” says Gordon.