Girl Scout troop battles with Scarsdale officials over unsafe meeting place

A group of local Girl Scouts are finding themselves at odds with the village of Scarsdale.
At the center of the dispute is a meeting place once used by the Scouts, who say the village is now blocking them from entering the building.
A sign on the home reads "Betty Taubert Girl Scout House," yet the Girl Scouts from Scarsdale say they're not being allowed inside. The village says the home is in disrepair and is unsafe.
Troop leaders, parents and Scouts turned out in force Tuesday night, in hopes of solidifying a financial partnership with the village's Board of Trustees to rehabilitate the deteriorating property on Wayside Lane.
Scarsdale's mayor expressed empathy for the Girl Scouts and their pleas to reopen the facility.
"I am the mom of three girls who each participated in the Scarsdale program. I have seen firsthand the formative power of the Girl Scouts," says Scarsdale Mayor Jane Veron.