Google flexes tech muscles, elbows into gaming space with 'Stadia'

BOSTON - Google wants to bring you into their gaming ecosystem - but not with a box that sits under your TV.
The tech giant revealed their 'Stadia' gaming service Tuesday at the Game Developers Conference in Boston. Unlike the current heavy hitters in the gaming space - Valve, Epic, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo - Google wants to deliver games via a robust streaming service vs. a traditional console/PC based experience.  The current website for the service proudly brandishes the slogan 'The future of gaming is not in a box.'
Google touts the ability to play on multiple devices including laptops, desktops and some mobile devices.  
By using streaming technology, Google says it will be able to eliminate download times - allowing players to jump right in and start gaming right away.
Google also announced in the address that users will be able to use their current USB controllers to play on the service, but that the company also designed its own controller for use with Stadia. 
Google is not the first company to make a big play with streaming game technology.  Other companies have tried in the past and Sony currently offers Playstation Now, a service that allows you to stream select game titles. However, the bane of any gamer using a streaming service is input lag - a delay from when the user enters something on the controller or mouse/keyboard to when that action actually registers in the game. Even the most minute delay can ruin a fluid gaming experience - especially in games that require instant reaction times. 
Anyone interested in signing up for more information can do so at the Google Play Store
Watch the full Google presentation: