Gorgeous Sunday in New York City; highs near 64, breezy

News 12 Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Allan Nosoff says it will be a beautiful Sunday in New York City with temperatures reaching the mid-60s.
SUNDAY: Sunny and milder. Highs rocket to 64. A bit breezy still with 15-25 mph gusts. Lows down to 43.
MONDAY: Clouds return by the afternoon. Showers arrive after 6PM. Highs up to 56 early, then falling into the 40s by the evening. Lows down to 40.
TUESDAY: A lingering shower early, then mostly cloudy and cooler. Highs around 51. Lows down to 41.
WEDNESDAY: Storm system looks to stay offshore for now, meaning mostly cloudy and cool. Highs near 52. Clearing at night with lows down to 39.
THURSDAY - OPENING DAY: Looking good! Mostly sunny with highs around 50. Lows near 42.
FRIDAY: Increasing clouds and warmer. Highs approaching the upper 50s. Showers hold off until early Saturday, lows down to 48.