Goshen native held hostage in Gaza has been killed

A Goshen native held hostage by Hamas has been confirmed dead.
A kibbutz in southern Israel says it just learned 70-year-old Judih Weinstein was killed that first day of attacks, Oct. 7.
Weinstein's niece spoke to News 12 in November as she worked with Rep. Pat Ryan to hopefully get her aunt and uncle home safely.
Weinstein's husband, Gadi Haggai, was pronounced dead Friday, making him the first American hostage confirmed dead.
Family says the couple was shot during a morning walk.
Ryan writes, "This is truly devastating - our hearts are with Judih and Gadi's entire family. The Haggais were teachers, artists, & peace-loving people, killed only for being Jewish. We will continue our fight to bring their bodies home so that they may be properly laid to rest & mourned."
According to their kibbutz, Hamas still holds their bodies.
Ryan says he'll continue to fight to bring them home so they may be properly laid to rest and mourned.