Gov. Cuomo calls on federal government to provide hazard pay for front-line workers

Gov. Andrew Cuomo provided an update on COVID-19 in New York Monday in which he address hazard pay and death benefits for front-line workers lost due to the pandemic.
- Gov. Cuomo is at the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum in New York City. Following a wreath ceremony, Cuomo observes a moment of silence to mark Memorial Day.
- Cuomo: "It's time for the federal government to show our front-line heroes the respect they deserve." Cuomo says state and local government will provide death benefits for front-line workers who died from COVID-19. He is also calling on federal government to provide dedicated funding for hazard pay for front-line workers.
- Cuomo says numbers continue to go down. The governor says 96 lives were lost in the last 24 hours to COVID-19. Cuomo says nursing home residents are being tested for COVID-19.
- The governor says he won't speculate on a possible reopening date for New York City but says officials will just watch the numbers. Cuomo says he doesn't want to "guess."
- Cuomo urges New Yorkers to continue wearing masks.
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