Gov. Cuomo gives tour of preparations for Javits Center medical facilities

-Gov. Cuomo says FEMA hospital on main showroom of Javits center will house 1,000 additional hospital beds. 
-'Anything else you can remedy,' says Cuomo.  He says you can't remedy loss of life, but everything else can be fixed. 
-Governor says more sick people will be entering the system than can be handled.  Cuomo says that is the focus, the economy will be fixed later. 
-State is projecting a need of 110,000 hospital beds.  Governor says he's less concerned about the beds, more concerned about the equipment.  He says the state needs 30,000 ventilators that they just cannot get.  
-Gov. Cuomo says the president should be directly ordering corporations to produce specific equipment. 
-On people saying the coronavirus threat is over-hyped, Cuomo says 'They are wrong.'
-Gov. Cuomo says there is a call going out to all registered medical personnel across the state to potentially come in and help manage the crisis.  
-Governor says he is expecting a social distancing plan on paper from the city today.  He wants to ensure it is spread across multiple areas.  
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