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'An un-American response.' - Gov. Cuomo says New York 'bore the brunt of a national mistake'

He called the notion that funding the state and local governments is “a blue state bailout” an "ugly sentiment."

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May 27, 2020, 4:26 PM

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo berated the federal government and some Republicans for their response when it comes to helping out New York during the COVID-19 pandemic.
He called the notion that funding the state and local governments is “a blue state bailout” an "ugly sentiment."
“We're still the United States of America. Those words meant something," he said during his daily briefing – this time after meeting with President Donald Trump to push for infrastructure projects in New York.
He called his meeting with the president “a good discussion” and said they would talk again next week.
Gov. Cuomo says it’s New York who gives handouts to the states who have their hands out year after year.
The governor again defended his decision making on nursing homes where thousands of COVID-19 patients died. He says the state was following CDC guidelines.
More briefing notes are below.
  • Gov. Andrew Cuomo's briefing is being held at The National Press Club in Washington, D.C.
  • There were 74 COVID-19-related deaths in New York on Tuesday.
  • Gov. Cuomo: "The reopening process is based on science, not politics."
  • Gov. Cuomo urges federal government to pass HEROES Act. "There can be no national recovery if state and local governments aren't funded."
  • Gov. Cuomo tears into politicians who have called the HEROES Act "a blue state bailout." He says it's "An un-American response." "There is no nation without the state."
  • Gov. Cuomo says now is the time to "supercharge" the economy with infrastructure projects. 
  • Gov. Cuomo says his meeting with President Trump "was a good discussion." He says he understands what the state needs in terms of infrastructure projects and said they will talk again next week.
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