Gov. Cuomo: 20 hotspot ZIP codes make up quarter of state’s COVID-19 cases

Gov. Andrew Cuomo says a quarter of the state’s positive COVID-19 cases came from 20 hotspot ZIP codes in New York, including 17% positivity rate in Rockland County (10952).
The governor listed the hotspots in a tweet, which included communities in the Hudson Valley, Brooklyn, the Bronx and Long Island.
“We are targeting these clusters immediately to prevent community spread,” the tweet says. “If you live in one of these ZIP codes, treat this seriously. Wear a mask. Wash your hands often. Get tested.”
The governor also said that if local law enforcement won’t enforce mask wearing regulations, “I will enforce the law.”
He says local police can assign a number of officers to a state-run task force that he would sign off on that would ticket the maskless.