Gov. Cuomo: NYC on track for phase 1 reopening the week of June 8

Gov. Andrew Cuomo says New York City is on track for a phase one reopening the week of June 8.
He says opening will bring about 400,000 people back to work. The city is the only region of the state still completely closed.
Mayor de Blasio says businesses will have to follow social distancing guidelines and reduce occupancy to under 50%.
Five regions in New York are on their way to a phase two of re-opening.
"The five regions that have been in phase one can now move to phase two because their data has been reviewed and the experts say to us its safe to move forward because people have been smart and you haven't seen the spike,” said Gov. Andrew Cuomo.
Phase two includes all office-based jobs, real estate services, in-store retail shopping, limited services at barbershops and hair salons and car leasing, rentals and sales.
Gov. Cuomo initially said there would be at least two-weeks between each phase.
  • Day 90 of COVID-19 crisis.
  • Numbers continue to trend downward. There were 152 new cases in the state yesterday.
  • The number of new deaths has fallen to 67.
  • Regional Monitoring Dashboard
  • The five regions that had been in Phase 1 in Central New York can now move to phase two.
  •  Gov. Cuomo says New York City is on track to begin phase one reopening by June 8. He says it should bring about 400,000 employees back to work.
  •  New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio joins Gov. Cuomo during his daily briefing. 
  • Gov. Cuomo on George Floyd death: "It's not an isolated incident...I stand, figuratively, with the protesters...Enough is enough. How many times do you have to see the same lesson replayed before you do something?"
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