Gov. Cuomo says he's been left in the dark on relocation of immigrant children

There's a demand for answers about the hundreds of immigrant children brought to New York.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo says the Trump administration has not told him how many children have been relocated to the state, but estimates it to be around 700.
The governor says he needs specific details in order to provide proper care.
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio says some of the kids being brought to the state are suffering from enormous trauma.
"There's a young boy, 9 years old boy from Honduras named Eddie. He was taken from his mom at Eagle Pass, Texas, put on a bus with a federal escort to go 2000 miles to New York City [and] has no idea when he's going to see his mom again. I mean think about the trauma, what's happening to these kids," says Mayor de Blasio.
At least 10 states are now part of a lawsuit against the Trump administration. 
They're suing over the policy, claiming it lacks due-process and violates our constitution.
New York already filed a separate suit.