Gov. Cuomo signs eviction moratorium bill passed in special session

Gov. Andrew Cuomo approved the eviction moratorium bill passed during a special Legislature session Monday night.
The legislation puts a hold on evictions and foreclosures for an extra 60 days. That would give tenants and homeowners time to submit a Standardized Hardship Declaration, which could pause their eviction proceedings until May 1.
Gov. Cuomo said in a statement, “As we fight our way through the marathon this pandemic has become, we need to make sure New Yorkers still have homes to provide that protection. This law adds to previous executive orders by protecting the needy and vulnerable who, through no fault of their own, face eviction during an incredibly difficult period for New York. The more support we provide for tenants, mortgagors and seniors, the easier it will be for them to get back on their feet when the pandemic ends. I want to thank the legislature for passing this important protection for New Yorkers all across the state who need a hand. This is the kind of support that helps us stay ‘New York Tough.’"
There's also help for landlords facing foreclosure, and the bill will automatically renew senior citizens and disabled homeowners' exemptions for 2021.