Gov. Cuomo threatens legal action over Trump administration's COVID-19 vaccine distribution plan

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is threatening legal action over the Trump administration's current COVID-19 vaccine distribution plan.
Gov. Cuomo says the current plan violates the Equal Protection Clause.
"I tell you today, if the Trump administration does not change this plan and does not provide an equitable vaccine process, we will enforce our legal rights and bring legal action to protect New Yorkers, " said Cuomo.
Cuomo argues that the Trump administration's current distribution plan is discriminatory by planning to have private health care companies administer the vaccine, of which the governor says minority communities have fewer.
This comes after the president announced that New York will not receive a future vaccine right away, until the state's independent review panel approves it.
As News 12 has reported, Gov. Cuomo says there will not be a delay for New Yorkers to get any future COVID-19 vaccines.
He says the independent panel will review FDA's approval process, which will be done simultaneously with the vaccine's delivery.