Gov. Cuomo to meet President Trump Wednesday; says reopening should be supercharged with infrastructure projects

"There is no better time to build than right now," the governor said.

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May 26, 2020, 3:10 PM

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Gov. Cuomo to meet President Trump Wednesday; says reopening should be supercharged with infrastructure projects
Gov. Andrew Cuomo is pledging to get several infrastructure projects underway as New York's economy gets moving.
Cuomo is heading to the White House Wednesday. During his daily briefing, Cuomo says he wants to focus on infrastructure projects across the state. Some need federal approval and funding.
Cuomo specifically talked about accelerating construction already underway at La Guardia Airport, building a new Penn Station and fixing the Cross-Hudson tunnels.
The governor said projects like those make sense now since there is a lower volume of commuters while people work from home.
"Let's do things we've been talking about but never pulled the trigger on," says Cuomo. "We know we need renewable power. We know we can generate it upstate. We know we need it downstate. Let's build cross-state transmission lines."
He also talked about buying excess hydropower from Canada and bringing it to New York.
Environmentalist Andrienne Esposito says both projects are exciting ideas.
"It's cleaner. It's safer and it would clearly help us transition to from fossil fuels to renewables," Esposito says. "The benefit would also be we would have green jobs and it would help in our economic recovery."
President Trump has previously been quoted as saying he's in favor of infrastructure projects, even joking it's something both sides of the aisle agree on.
  • The number of new COVID-19 cases are "down to the lowest level since this ever started. Amen.
  • 73 New Yorkers died on May 25 (52 in hospitals, 21 in nursing homes).
  • "In this absurd new reality, that is good news."
  • Gov. Cuomo rang the bell today to reopen the New York Stock Exchange.
  •  Gov. Cuomo says mid-Hudson opens today, Long Island tomorrow; will now focus on New York City.
  •  "There is no better time to build than right now." Gov. Cuomo says infrastructure projects should be moving forward. 
  • Gov. Cuomo says he will be in Washington tomorrow to meet with President Donald Trump. He says he will discuss putting Americans back to work with a plethora of infrastructure projects that have been long awaited in New York.
  • Gov. Cuomo says construction projects should be accelerated at Penn Station, LaGuardia International Airport and cross-state transmission lines for renewable energy.
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