Gov. Cuomo warns that holiday travel could cause virus spike

The governor is pleading with New Yorkers to avoid a "living room spread" during the end of year holidays.

News 12 Staff

Dec 21, 2020, 9:12 PM

Updated 1,300 days ago


Ahead of another busy week of holiday travel, Gov. Andrew Cuomo is warning New Yorkers to think twice.
Gov. Cuomo says Thanksgiving travel was down this year and despite post-holiday spikes nationwide, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut avoided massive holiday spikes.
"If you look at the places that had the most travel during the Thanksgiving holiday, they had the greatest Thanksgiving spike, so the places with the most travel have the greatest Thanksgiving spike," he says.
He partially credits the state's strict travel and quarantine rules, but also warns the same type of effort is needed this week to avoid a "living room spread" during the end of year holidays.
"When you close bars, restaurants, people are careful at work, density comes down. The main spread, overwhelmingly, is living room spread, socialization spread, holiday spread," Cuomo says.
Around 85 million Americans are expected to travel this week, a 30% drop from last year, according to AAA.
On Friday and Saturday, TSA already screened more than two million passengers nationwide, about 40% of what it was this same time last year.
Some people who spoke to News 12 at the Westchester County Airport say they are getting an early jump on holiday travel.
"I've been very cautious, make sure I'm wearing my mask, make sure you know I'm keeping my distance, and washing my hands. Keep my sanitizer with me," says Marilyn Santiago.
"My personal nervousness just comes to being on the airplane. That's why I have the goggles and a double mask. Just a closed, confided tube if you will. That's where I practice a little more precaution," says Andrew Buecking.

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